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The Risk Register

The Risk Register records:

    • details of all the risks identified at the beginning and during the life of the project
    • their grading in terms of PRIORITY (or SCORE) based on their probability and impact on the project
    • initial plans for mitigating each risk
    • results of mitigating actions

The register automatically generates a value (a number between 1 and 25) using assessments of Probability and Impact which indicates the importance of the risk.This value can be presented in two ways.

1 - The lower the number the greater the priority – this value is called the Risk Priority

2 - The higher the number the greater the priority – this value is called the Risk SCORE

Abbermist Limited can provide registers based on either Priority or Score.

It is our belief that the values generated by both the Risk and Issue Management Registers should be consistent therefore should a Risk Scoring be adopted then an Issue Scoring should also be adopted.

The Risk Assessor

Keep the Risk Register up to date and there will be no additional effort required of contributors to, or administrators of, the Risk register.

When ready click on "Grid" button at top of Risk Register to obtain an automatic output of the Risk Register in the form of a 5 by 5 grid. It places the risk’s ‘list’ number in the square appropriate for the PROBABILITY and IMPACT statements of that risk. Risks of the highest PRIORITY are placed in the top right square.

Entries are colour coded to indicate the progress made in mitigating the risk. Risks colour coded blue have been resolved this period. Risk Assessor will not illustrate these risks on the next report for reasons of clarity.

This Risk Assessor Grid is the major influence in identifying the risks that should be entered into the Risk Management Plan.

To print the Risk Register showing only those risk that appear on this grid click 'Grid Register' buttton on Risk Log sheet.

The Risk Management Plan

The body of the Risk Management Plan consists of one page per Risk for those Risks selected for the report. The format of the printed output is an A4 document report. Up to 25 Risks can be reported. To produce the Risk Management Plan first select the "RMP" worksheet of the Risk Register and update "Document Information" and "Revision History" sections. All other sections are automatically populated from the Risk Register. When ready click on "Print RMP" button in the "Risk Log" worksheet. While in 'Print Preview' adjust the total number of pages in the Custom Footer section. All other entries are automatically updated from the Risk Register. Just keep the Risk Register (Risk Log tab) up to date.

The products provided with this package can be seen here - Risk Management Package.
Note that documents provided with Trial Versions of the packages are in Adobe Acrobat format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader HERE.

This package is also a key component of a greater package. To increase your return on investment even further consider our Programme Office Package.

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